Our Story

Not for our own sake

Tygerpoort congregation with 545 members, has branched out from Skuilkrans congregation.

The cornerstone of the church was laid on 23 August 1981. The area at the time consisted primarily of smallholdings . Considerable developments have since taken place in the area and there are more than 3 500 members currently in the congregation.

As a congregation we believe that God has chosen us to worship Him, to get to know ourselves, to care for one another, and to spread His Word therefore our motto is: “Not for our own sake”.

It is our desire that our congregation will live up to this motto in everything we do.

Who we are

The Dutch Reformed Church Tygerpoort is a dynamic congregation amidst challenging times.

Tygerpoort congregation is a congregation that would like to guide you in making the right choices and discovering the deeper sense of life. We assist in creating opportunities for meaningful relations and companionship in life. We would like to share with you God’s abundant Grace and how you can live daily of His abundance. In the end, we would like to teach you how to live like Jesus, not in our own interest but serving with passion. We believe this is a balance between a healthy self-insight, meaningful relations, a deep-rooted commitment to serve God, and a meaningful life that you could accomplish within the spaces the congregation offers, and which you could continue to apply in the community at large.

We strive towards serving our community. We want to make an impact and support people in need. You will notice it when you visit our schools, community projects or any of our outreach projects.

One of the main characteristics of our congregation is its hospitality. Therefore we are embracing, transparent, and welcome all.  You will feel at home with us – despite being hesitant, having doubts, or looking for answers. Just be yourself – and who knows; perhaps this congregation will become a wonderful companion on your journey to discover God’s rhythm in your life.

Our congregation is not perfect and also does not have all the answers, but we are sincere in our fragility and dependence on Him.  Together we take on the daily challenges – deeply aware how much we need God in our lives and each other!